Everyone :

In the year of 2043 PGSD FKIP UPY is a superior and internationally competitive study program in producing GOOD elementary school teachers (Cultured, Religious, Innovative, and Creative)       

Mission :

  1. Organizing effective governance, efficient, democratic, transparent, accountable, and fair.
  2. Organizing quality academic education that is student-centered and based on Information and Communication Technology to produce GOOD elementary school teachers (Cultured, Religious, Innovative, Creative).
  3. Organizing and carrying out scientific publications on humanist research activities, innovative, and collaborative.
  4. Organizing humanist community service activities, innovative, and collaborative.

Objective :

  1. The realization of superior study programs by creating good relationships and working environments, conducive, and professional.
  2. The realization of GOOD elementary school teacher candidates (Cultured, Religious, Innovative, and Creative) so that it has competitiveness at the international level
  3. The realization of innovative and creative scientific work that can develop elementary school education and learning theories
  4. Realizing community service activities that can improve the quality of basic education and community welfare, nation, country, and mankind